Kitchen Worktops – A Guide

A kitchen would simply not be complete without a worktop. Whether it be high end or budget friendly. At kitchen wizard we provide both and everything in-between.

We offer stunning, beautiful worktops from solid wood to laminates. Whatever it is you are looking for, we will go above and beyond to find your perfect kitchen worktop. To bring out the best in your kitchen and add that final touch to accentuate your kitchens beauty.

Types of Worktops

Solid Wood
Leading Edge Worktops

Solid Wood Worktops

Solid wood worktops add a natural warmth to almost any kitchen style.
Just watch the number of people that run their hand along the top of a solid wood worktop as they walk by, it’s irresistable.
Our range of solid wood worktops is available in three stunning varieties; classic oak worktop, elegant walnut worktop and exotic iroko worktop.

To bring out the absolute best in solid worktops they are usually treated with multiple coats of oil before fitting. This enhances the natural woodgrain adding

Leading Edge Worktops

Our leading edge kitchen worktop range comes in a variety of colours and finishes. These are the perfect worktops for anyone wanting a worktop that is budget friendly with a high-end look and quality.
They are easy maintain, easy fit and highly durable.

Quartz Worktops

Our quartz range comes in four colors. These quartz kitchen worktops are extremely high quality with a mesmerizing glossy surface.

Quartz worktops are unbelievable popular because of its luxurious qualities which it adds to a kitchen. They are very easily maintained with only a wet cloth needed to clean the surface. To ensure these worktops are fitted correctly, a fitter with quartz worktop training should install them as they need to be cut with a diamond blade.

Laminate Worktops

Laminates are the ideal worktop for those seeking a worktop that is budget friendly and quick. Our laminates come in a variety of styles such as wood, quartz and granite.

Laminates are a dream to look after and are very hardwearing in a kitchen. They are so easy to install that you could even install them yourself. Since, they have a bullnose finish it may add a dated look to some kitchens or enhance its features.

Neolith Worktops